• Johan Maasbach was raised as child number 13 in a family with 14 children. At age 17 he left home and enrolled as a cook’s mate on ship sailing to Hamburg. During his years on the sea, he experienced God’s protecting hand and he knew that God called him to preach the Gospel. In his spare time, he travelled through Holland with his ‘Gospel tent’. Wilhelmina Klumper, born in a family with 4 children, also had a heart for missions. After 2 years of Bible school in Switzerland, she helped spreading the Gospel in the cities Stadskanaal and Vroomshoop in The Netherlands. During a tent meeting in Stadskanaal, Johan and Wilhelmina met for the first time. In 1952, Johan left the work at sea and they got married and prepared for a life serving the Lord fulltime in ministry.

    Purchase of the first church building
    Not long after that, Johan and Wilhelmina Maasbach started evangelical church meetings in Gouda. They were pioneers, since there was no Full Gospel or Pentecostal church there at that time. It was in this city they bought their first church building, the Bethlehem Church in the Zeugstraat 38.

    ‘Holland Wonder’ – Spiritual Breakthrough in The Netherlands
    In 1958 God gave a big breakthrough for the Full Gospel in Holland. The American evangelist T.L. Osborn came to the Malieveld in The Hague and to the Bodenterrein in Groningen, what caused a great spiritual awakening and revival movement. Every evening up to one hundred thousand people gathered on the field. Thousands gave their lives to Christ and got saved and countless wonderful miracles of healing took place. Dozens of Pentecostal and Full Gospel churches were born in this period of time. In a miraculous way, Johan Maasbach was used as interpreter in both campaigns. Because he was now known as the interpreter, many doors opened to preach the Gospel.

    Campaigns, domestic and abroad
    Johan Maasbach was often invited to have campaigns. After Gouda, also in cities like Dordrecht, Leiden, Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, churches were planted. Besides campaigns in many cities and villages in Holland, Johan Maasbach also went abroad to have campaigns.

    During this period, another important branch of the ministry started. The publishing of a magazine called ‘Healing’. Later the name was changed to ‘New Life’ magazine. ‘Healing’ was printed in a large number and distributed freely to the visitors of all campaigns. Also many faith building books were translated from English to Dutch and published. The book of Johan Maasbach called ‘Why I preach Christ’, has been published in many languages. You may download your free copy today via our website as a gift to you.

    Bible stores
    In 1959, in Dordrecht, in the Voorstraat, the first Full Gospel bookstore in The Netherlands opened its doors in our own building. Not long after that, in The Hague, a second bookstore opened in the Koningstraat 3a, called ‘Bible House’. The office that was first located in Gouda, later moved to The Hague.

  • The period between 1962 and 1972 was a very fruitful period. The ministry expanded rapidly to all sides.

    Radio broadcasts
    In the early sixties, the door opened to preach the Gospel via Radio Luxemburg, the most powerful radio station in the world at that time. For 23 years, we broadcasted with great blessing; through this station millions of people were reached. The broadcasts led to the purchase of our own professional studio. Some very inspiring radio preachings were recorded on LP in order to be able to reach even more people with the Gospel.

    Capitol Building and the mission office
    During this decade, many Gospel campaigns were held in various countries. Also in Holland many campaigns were organized that led to the planting of new churches. In 1966 and 1968, the Johan Maasbach World Mission (JMWM) bought the cinema ‘Capitol’ and the large, five story retail store ‘Lijnkamp’ in The Hague. They are now called Capitol Gospel Center and the world headquarters of the Johan Maasbach World Mission. They were officially opened by T.L. Osborn with a series of special meetings. Because of the expansion of the work, the number of fulltime workers increased.

  • Also in this decade, the ministry moved forward at full speed, spreading the Gospel all around the world.

    Since the opening of the Capitol Gospel Center, every two months there was a ‘baptismal service’. In the first years of her existence over 2,000 people were baptized by immersion.

    Havenkerk en Gouwekerk
    In this decade, two remarkably big Roman-Catholic cathedrals were bought. The ‘Havenkerk’ in Schiedam and the ‘Gouwekerk’ in Gouda. In 1976, with great festivity, the Havenkerk was officially opened and in 1979, the Gouwekerk followed. These beautiful ‘Houses of God’ now served as ‘Gospel centers’ and they have held many blessed gatherings since.

    Mission offices and children homes
    In this decade, mission offices were opened in Indonesia (Semarang) and in the United States of America (Grand Rapids). In Indonesia and India children homes were founded to be able to take in neglected children.

    Radio broadcasts
    During this period of time, the list of radio broadcasts became longer and longer. We did not only broadcast on the strong radio station of Radio Luxemburg, but also twice a week the Gospel was preached in Sri Lanka, that had the estimated capacity of reaching one billion people. Radio broadcasts were also transmitted in the United States of America, Panama, Aruba, Curaçao and Suriname. We also broadcasted for years on the so called sea stations Mi Amigo and Caroline, which broadcasted from ships on the North Sea.

  • This period is characterized by the many activities and campaigns held both domestic and abroad. The work of the JMWM was, also according to the number of visitors, moving ahead quickly.

    Video equipment
    A complete set of broadcast quality equipment was bought for the recording on location and the editing of video tapes. A studio needed to be built. Johan Maasbach called it a ‘Jordan Miracle’. God provided in a miraculous way in all finances. Thousands of video tapes, mostly with preachings, found their way to the people.

    Opening new churches
    Several Gospel centers were bought. In 1983, church buildings in Amsterdam (Calvariekerk), Utrecht (Immanuelkerk) and Breda (Christus Triumfatorkerk) were bought. In 1991, the completely restored Torenschoolkerk in Dordrecht was opened.

    Telehelp and conversation line
    For a long period of time, we had our so called ‘Telehelp’. People could call 24 hours a day to listen to a short encouragement and prayer by Johan Maasbach. Later we also opened a ‘conversation line’. People can call if they need a personal talk or prayer.

    The special healing meetings, once a month in The Hague, have been a blessing to many and numerous received healing. Also tens of thousands of preaching cassettes were distributed, including our so called ‘cassette of the month’, containing two preachings of Johan Maasbach. Vinyl records, CD’s, millions of tracts in many languages, were printed. Magazines, books, and so much more.

  • In this decade, God led evangelist Johan Maasbach to consecrate David and Regina to continue the whole mission work. The re-opening of our mission office also took place.

    Johan Maasbach into glory
    A memorable moment was the memorial service for Johan Maasbach in 1997. Evangelist Johan and Wilhelmina were chosen to start this ministry. They were faithful to God’s call on their lives. The mission work has continued under leadership of David and Regina Maasbach, with numerous faithful workers on their side.

    Zoe Bible College
    In this period, Zoe Bible College was continued as evening Bible school. This Bible school now also has a home study course in Dutch, English and French. Worldwide, the number of students is still growing.

    GPN – Global Prayer Network
    In 1997, the worldwide prayer network called ‘Global Prayer Network’ was launched. Worldwide people are praying for all the needs in the world.

    Re-opening mission office
    One of the special moments this decade was the re-opening of the mission office. After a year of hard work, the big moment arrived. In December 1998 we had a week of special meetings. Guest speakers such as Reinhard Bonnke and T.L. Osborn honored us with their coming to celebrate the continuation of this ministry with a new generation of workers.

    Children home ‘Jati Margo’
    Another memorable opening was the festive opening of a new building for our children home ‘Jati Margo’ in Indonesia in 1997. Until today, we take in children with minimal chances in society.

    TV broadcasts
    In this period, the television work progressed enormously. The Gospel was preached in many places through our broadcasts on various stations like TV-West and Family7. Also in Suriname every Sunday morning ‘Revival Time’ was broadcasted.

  • The past years, God has opened many new doors for our ministry, like the weekly TV broadcasts on SBS6, the Harvest Time Bible schools and The Blessing Churches.

    Bible schools
    In 2004, the first ‘Harvest Time Bible school’ took place in Holland. An intensive, short term training for evangelization, missions and church building. Ever since, the Bible school has grown and expanded abroad, having schools in India, the Philippines, Colombia, Brazil and Cuba. We also have the Zoe Bible College, that is a great blessing in both Holland and abroad.

    Vision for Missions Conferences and ‘Light on…’ campaigns
    In 2005, the worldwide conferences ‘Vision for Missions’ started. These conferences were held in many countries, especially to inspire and recruit workers to become involved in missions. The monthly ‘Light on…’ activities in Holland and Belgium have produced a lot of fruit.

    Office Brazil and Oasis
    In 2006, the mission opened a new office in Brazil, as a base for the ‘Harvest Time Bible school’ and conferences. In 2010, the first ‘Oasis Charity Association’ was founded, working especially for street children in Brazil.

    Evangelist John T.L. Maasbach
    For many years, John T.L. Maasbach, together with his wife Godelief, work side by side with David and Regina. He is the youngest son of Johan and Wilhelmina. In the footsteps of his father, Evangelist John T.L. preaches the Gospel around the world. The passion to ‘show Jesus through the power of God’ has brought him to over 80 countries already.

    Television breakthrough
    After many years of preparation and prayer, the impossible became possible through a miracle of God. On March 23, 2008, the legendary first evangelical TV broadcast took place on SBS6 (a popular, secular, national TV station). Every Sunday David Maasbach preaches the Gospel on SBS6. After 26 years, the old camera’s and TV studio were replaced by completely new equipment with HD quality. Many people from all layers of society are being reached and encouraged by these broadcasts.

  • In God’s power, we still move forward spreading the Gospel. God opens many new doors worldwide.

    Maasbach Radio
    In October 2012, the launch took place of ‘Maasbach Radio – The Blessing Family Music Station’, an online 24/7/365 radio station with non-stop uplifting music and quotes. With this radio station we reach many people worldwide with the Gospel. All around the world people are listening, in more than 40 countries. Go to MaasbachRadio and click on ‘Music Station’ to download the free app!

    Besides the Music Station, in October 2013 The Blessing Family Message Station was launched, an ‘on demand’ online radio station with encouraging and faith building preachings in Dutch and English. Preachers are: David Maasbach, John T.L. Maasbach, Johan Maasbach, T.L. Osborn and V. Dilkumar. Via this station you can listen and download hundreds of sermons for free. Go to MaasbachRadio and click on ‘Message Station’.

    Anniversary SBS6
    In March 2015 we celebrate our 7th anniversary of weekly broadcasting on SBS6. Weekly tens of thousands of people receive encouragement and hope by the uplifting and faith building preachings of David Maasbach.

    The most modern means are being used to reach a whole new generation with the Gospel. Musicals are a great way to reach the masses. This branch of our ministry expands rapidly and every show is fully booked. Some of the musical titles we have had: ‘Another Life’ and ‘Forbidden Love’.

    The Blessing Churches
    With The Blessing Churches in Holland, Switzerland and Brazil, also this branch of the mission expands. God opens many new doors worldwide.

    Music ministry
    Maasbach Worship has released some beautiful albums, like: ‘Nieuwe Hoop’ (New Hope) and ‘Punt van Contact’ (Point of Contact). The MAP Band (part of POiNT! Youth Ministry) travels around the world to bring people to Jesus through music and singing. You can find them on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

    Bible schools
    The Johan Maasbach World Mission has Bible schools in different countries, like: Holland, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, India and Switzerland.