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The Blessing is a natural outgrowth of JMWM’s long heritage of ministries in evangelism, educational ministry, social work and enduring partnerships with church groups in many nations.

JMWM was born when God called Johan Maasbach (1918 – 1997) and his wife Wilhelmina to pioneer a ministry in Holland in the late 1940’s. Their work would soon touch many cities and become a strong influence to the nation and eventually, the world. Using a gospel tent, they preached boldly the full gospel message at a time when there was some opposition to it. But God kept them faithful and they saw thousands saved and churches planted in many cities. The Lord was about to pour out His Spirit again upon the nation and the world. The much-prayed change in the spiritual climate of the country broke through in 1958 when the U.S. evangelist, Dr. T.L. Osborn, conducted the famous ‘Holland Wonder’ crusade. (‘Wonder’ is Dutch for ‘miracle’.) By God’s amazing plan, Johan was chosen the interpreter. Over a half million people attended the week-long crusade. The Lord did incredible healings and other miracles. Thousands came to Jesus.

Wider doors opened for the JMWM ministry. Through radio, TV, literature and other means available, larger numbers of people were reached. Soon, opportunities for the gospel brought the Maasbach ministry to other nations, the fruits of which are still being harvested today.
JMWM has grown through time and generations, triumphing over severe trying seasons – a joyous testimonial that any ministry built on the Rock, Jesus Christ is built to last. It also affirms the resolve of the founders to finish their God-assigned task – “of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.”
Today, God continues to enlarge JMWM globally under the leadership of Bro Johan’s son, Dr. David Maasbach and his wife, Regina, with his brother, John T.L. Maasbach. Alongside with them are a strong group of church leaders and staff, regional coordinators and other frontliners in several countries. Dr. David’s broadcast on national commercial TV is reaching Holland. The ministry’s big musicals, literature outreach, youth and other ministries are touching lives. Crusades, gospel festivals, Bible schools and leaders’ conferences continue to advance God’s kingdom in many nations.


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