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What we do

The Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the most remote places of the earth. There where God’s light is hardly seen; where God’s voice is hardly heard, and where God’s healing, delivering and saving power is unknown.

"Our goal is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time, using all means and media at our disposal."

To reach our goal we have many projects, branches and activities such as:
The Blessing Churches (In the Netherlands and worldwide) 
Television broadcasts (Every evening 5 days a week on Family7) 
OASIS Charity Association (Day-care among the poorest children in Brazil and other countries) 
NL, God Loves You (Outreaches and campaigns throughout the Netherlands) 
Christians celebrations (Easter, Ascension Day, Pentecost and Christmas) 
Global Prayer Network (Worldwide prayer network) 
Summer camps (Summer camps for children, teenagers and young people) 
Harvest Time Bible Schools (Short term mission training centres) 
Zoe Bible College (With students in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Congo and other countries)
Vision for Missions (Activities to ignite mission projects) 
All Kids 1st (Children’s ministry)
Gazon Publishing (Christian book publishing) 
The Blessing Family Bookstore (Christian bookstore in The Hague, also online) 
Maasbach Worship (Worship Ministry) 
The Blessing Singers (Close harmony singing group of The Blessing Churches) 
The Blessing Choir (Consisting of singers of different Blessing Churches) 
MAP (Make a POINT Band, part of POINT youth ministry) 
POINT (youth and young adults) 
Prayer line (Daily telephone line for a faith-building prayer and conversation)
Correspondence (Everyone who writes, receives a personal writing of David Maasbach)
Tele-help (24 hours a day accessible for an encouraging message with prayer) 
Evangelism campaigns (Most time of the year John T.L. Maasbach is on the mission field) 
Mission trips (Blessing members travel around the world for the Gospel)
NEW LIFE (Monthly faith-building magazine) 
Evangelistic literature (Books, magazines, brochures, tracts, flyers etc.) 
The Blessing Family Music Station (24/7 free Christian music for everyone) 
The Blessing Family Message Station (More than 1,000 faith-building messages online)
Vision 20:20 (Extensive evangelism network with First Aid Evangelism) 
Musicals (Very professional musicals with self-written lyrics, music, scenery etc.) 
Maasbach Media Outreach (Internet, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, apps)

We do much more, such as: The Blessing church planting; annual Maasbach Conference in October; producing of DVDs and CDs; open-air meetings; celebrations with special guests; mission office in The Hague with 50 permanent employees and volunteers, etc. etc. etc.