Thursday, September 23 NL | BR

Africa is home to both rich resources and devastating need. There has always been strive and there is a lot of unrest (civil wars and conflicts). In the midst of overwhelming crisis, the church in Africa is seeing incredible growth.

The need
  • Many live in spiritual darkness and are involved in voodoo, witchcraft and occultism.
  • The Ebola virus and many other diseases have caused many thousands to die in West-Africa.
  • The persecution of Christians in African countries increases rapidly. There is much hatred and violence towards Christians. Fundamental groups against Christianity gain territory rapidly.
A few things of what we have been able to do
    • Congo Zoe Bible College, campaigns (Kinshasa)
    • Kenya campaigns (Nairobi)
    • Nigeria Bible school, campaigns in many parts of the nation
    • Uganda campaigns (Kampala)
    • Rwanda campaigns (Kigali)
    • South-Africa Bible school, mission trips, campaigns (Johannesburg, Durban, Malvern, Chatsworth, etc.)

‘I was filled with gladness when I suddenly received my first Zoe Bible College certificate. I’m so thankful and praise God for the love of Christ that is flowing from your hearts. I know for sure that I, by going through these studies, have received more knowledge and understanding that help me improve my relationship with the Lord and help me in sharing this with others.’— Mrs. Z.C. in Botswana (home study)

‘It was amazing to see how hungry the brothers and sisters were and how much of God’s power you can experience, just because of the fact that they are so open and thirsty for Him.’ – Teacher Leonardo Aleixo de França (Brazil) tauhght in the Bible school in Kinshasa


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