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The vast expanse known as Eurasia is characterized by geographic and social extremes. From the frozen plains of Siberia to the sweltering sands of North-Africa, this region has posed a major challenge to missionary ministry. Despite great diversity, all places have one common thread: people are hungry for truth.

The need
  • A great diversity in religions and ancient traditions dominate the lives of people, causing a huge resistance towards the Gospel. Christianity is regarded as a strange, western religion.
  • Traditional methods to evangelize are not possible in many areas in Eurasia, because of cultural restrictions or limitations coming from the government.
A few things of what we have been able to do
    • China MAP tour (Hongkong)
    • India Harvest Time Bible schools (5,000+ students trained), social work, campaigns (Chennai, Nagapattinam, etc.)
    • Israel Zoe Bible College, campaigns (Tel Aviv)
    • Jordan conferences
    • Nepal mission trip
    • Pakistan conferences (Lahore, Islamabad, etc.)
Harvest Time Bible schools India

In collaboration with Pastor Kingsly Lazarus, annually we have 12 Harvest Time Bible schools in 8 different states of India. Each year, at least 600 students graduate. 5,000+ students have graduated so far and over 10,000 people have received Christ through the activities of the students during their course. 20% of the students have planted churches in India. Many hundreds of thousands of people have given their lives to Christ, thanks to evangelization of students after their graduation.


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