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Once a center for the spread of Christianity, Europe now is home to a population that knows little about the truth of the Gospel.

The need
  • A whole new generation is raised without God and His law. There is a great indifference when it comes to the Gospel.
  • Many call themselves ‘Christian’, but miss a personal understanding of the Gospel. Less than 10% of the population in Western Europe visits a church at least once a month.
  • Europe has become a shelter for thousands of migrants. Many of them come from nations and peoples that are unfamiliar with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
A few things of what we have been able to do
    • The Blessing Churches: Holland, Switzerland
    • Bible schools: Holland, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland
    • Evangelization: Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Belarus, England, etc.
Zoe Bible College Lugano and Zurich – Switzerland

In Lugano as well as in Zurich, we have an ongoing school of Zoe Bible College. One Saturday a month, eight hours per day, for three years, dozens of students receive teachings from the Word of God.

Pastor Antonio Fante (coordinator Bible schools in Italian language): ‘In Lugano the school is already in its third year. The students are very excited. They have gone deeper into the Word of God, and as a result, they have grown spiritually. This Bible school is also a blessing to the church. Last September the second year of the school started in Zurich. We have 34 students and it is a blessing for their spiritual life, of which they will surely see fruits in the future.’


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