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The continent of North-America consists of the United States of America, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. It has a rich inheritance of Christian history. No country has been influenced by Christianity such as the United States of America. Although many call themselves ‘Christian’, there is a great need for a new spiritual awakening.

The need
  • In the Caribbean part and parts of Mexico, millions of people live in great poverty, in desperate economical circumstances, often in the midst of great dirt. It’s a great challenge to reach them with the Gospel. Few are willing to devote themselves to reach these people.
  • On islands such as Cuba, there are many villages and areas that still need to be reached with the Full Gospel. Often there are strongholds of religion and idolatry. There is also a great need in the daily needs. Pastors are in difficult circumstances and carry heavy burdens.
A few things of what we have been able to do
    • Harvest Time Bible schools on Cuba
    • Campaigns Aruba, Curaçao, Jamaica, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, United States of America
    • Mission trips United States of America
Harvest Time Bible schools Cienfuegos – Cuba

For four years in a row, we have been organizing a special 3 week Bible school for more than 200 pastors and leaders in Cuba. They are encouraged and receive clear and practical teachings from the Word of God. There is a great hunger and thirst in Cuba for solid and anointed teaching.

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‘The Harvest Time Bible school in Cuba has trained many pastors. The need and desire of the Cubans to receive education, is confirmed by the great number of students. They have no resources, but they have the desire to learn. We thank God that He has made us part of this movement of the Holy Spirit on this Caribbean island.’ — Victor Hugo Lopez – (coordinator mission work Colombia and Cuba)


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