Thursday, September 23 NL | BR

Dramatic church growth has taken place in this region as the Holy Spirit ignites a passion for the lost among believers. Whatever is accomplished is a result of God’s power and might.

The need
  • There is great political uncertainty, economical instability and social unrest.
  • Many countries in South-America are open to all kinds of spirituality, causing many people to live in spiritual bondage.
  • A large part of the population in these countries lives in poverty. Many live on the streets and have no perspective for the future. In Brazil it is said that there are 7,000,000 children living on the streets.
A few things of what we have been able to do:
    • Argentina campaign (Buenos Aires, Rosario)
    • Bolivia campaigns, Bible school
    • Brazil The Blessing Churches (Curitiba and Santo Antônio de Jesus), Harvest Time Bible schools and campaigns (Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, Petrolina, Curitiba, Saõ Paulo, Santo Antônio de Jesus)
    • Social work: Oasis Charity Association (Curitiba, Amargosa< Jequié)
    • Colombia Harvest Time Bible school, campaigns (Bogota)
    • Paraguay campaigns
    • Suriname campaigns (Paramaribo), mission trip (inland)
Oasis Charity Association Curitiba – Brazil

In Curitiba the fantastic children’s work called ‘Oasis Charity Association’ is flourishing. OASIS works in the midst of one of the most poor areas of the city and helps to give street children a better quality of life and perspective for the future. Through OASIS the influence and the light of Jesus enters and whole families are being transformed through the love and power of God.


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