In the year 2006, we started with the series called ‘Maasbach Worship Live’. The hunger for more of the presence of God has turned it into a large annual celebration of worship. Together with all The Blessing Churches, our friends and their families we record these annual celebrations and release a CD/DVD of it. Every Sunday morning, we have our television program on one of the largest national broadcasting companies in The Netherlands, SBS6, where we can bring the atmosphere of God into every household in Holland. Currently, we are working on translating our songs into various languages. This allows us to share the songs with churches that are also longing for more of God’s Spirit during worship.

The team exists of worship leaders, singers, talented musicians, an assembled choir and a large team working backstage. The whole team is formed out of members of The Blessing Churches. All of them have a heart for God, a heart for worship and a heart to reach the unreached. They are faithful in serving in their local church. We are a team that is close-knit. We seek God in prayer for wisdom and guidance on this beautiful adventure of singing and music.