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David Maasbach

David Maasbach, son of Johan and Wilhelmina Maasbach, is the President of the Johan Maasbach World Mission (JMWM). Together with his wife Regina he leads the worldwide mission work since 1993. He is Pastor of The Blessing Church in The Hague. In this city also the world headquarters of the JMWM is located. Through his preachings, TV broadcasts and books he has encouraged countless people in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Under his inspiring leadership the ministry of the JMWZ has grown further, with many churches and branches of ministry in the Netherlands and worldwide. David leads with the same vision and spirit as his father. His three children, Jesselyn, Alissa and John Henry, fulfill their calling and work in different branches of the mission work.

David: “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most wonderful good news! We preach the most beautiful message there is. God loves the world! This message must be preached. Our goal was, is and shall be: To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time, using all means and media at our disposal.

For almost 70 years we may fulfill this goal through our campaigns all over the world, radio and TV broadcasts, books, magazines, tracts, children homes, Bible schools, children- and youth ministry, summer camps, church planting, prayer network, special seasonal feasts, concerts, musicals etc. etc.”