''Giving is a way of life''

Most people see their bank account, employer, allowance, pension etc. as their source of provision. Or they look at their own abilities, friends or family. Of course there are things that we need to do ourselves. But the Bible teaches us that God Himself is the Source of all our provision. We need to do what the Bible says and trust God on His Word – crisis or no crisis.
We can practice what God says in His Word. Like we put our trust in other people that might be able to help us, we need to put our trust in God and His Word. One thing is certain: God always proves His Word. He will never let you down.
Jesus knows about all your financial needs and He tells you to trust His Word. Let us do what He tells us to do. Jesus says, ‘Give first and you will receive more than enough in return’ (read Luke 6:38). In other words Jesus says, ‘Look to God as the Source of your life. Give Him the best you have and He will give the best He has!’

The Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation has the ANBI status with the government of The Netherlands. To be accredited the ANBI status and to be recognized as ANBI Foundation, one has to meet strict rules and regulations. The Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation meets those rules and regulations and therefore is accredited the ANBI status and is registered as such.
As of 1-1-2008, all donations to charities, registered as ANBI, are tax deductable.
An ANBI registered foundation doesn’t pay tax over the inheritances and donations received. All those who donate to an ANBI are allowed to deduct their donations from their income tax or their corporate income tax.