Sunday, May 9 NL | BR

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. – John 8:32

One of the smartest tactics of the evil one is to keep God’s children imprisoned in a small cave. He tries to prevent God’s children to get to the place where God can use and bless them.


It is fine with the evil one if you stay in that small cave and do not take any action. But the moment you decide to step out, the evil one will come with distractions. For example, you have a desire for a deeper relationship with God and for a more intimate prayer life. As soon as you start to pray, suddenly someone comes to visit you or there is a problem to distract.

God wants to bless you abundantly

God is ready to take you into a deeper dimension by giving you abundance of His power, His blessing, His love, His peace, His joy and His grace. God’s power is the greatest power in the universe. God says something and it is there. By His word He made heaven and earth. He is the beginning and the end. Do you still want to stay in that stuffy, little cave with its limitations?

A treasure room full of blessings

The truth will set you free. We read about this truth in God’s Word. We should know this truth, because only then you will discover that God has more for you. He wants to bring you into His dimension and give you, His child, what you want from Him.

Today is the day for you to bust out and come into the dimension of abundant blessings from God. God is rich! He has a treasure room full of blessings and it is His desire to give to you.


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