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The Lamb who was slain. – Revelation 13:8

‘David, I am one of those Christians who has been treated horribly by my fellow brothers and sisters. I have a hard time dealing with this and I find it even harder to fully recover from this. I am looking for help.’

This is one of the many letters I regularly receive from people who write to me. One of the most shocking experiences for a Christian is to discover that fellow Christians can sometimes be very mean. The damage, caused by the actions of fellow believers, can create deep wounds from which a Christian might never recover. Yet today the message for you is that full recovery is possible!

Full recovery

Dear brother and sister, where do you go for healing? What is your first step to get healed? Who is behind this? If you realize this, you will find your healing. Who came up with Jesus’ crucifixion? Who chose the people who treated Jesus so cruelly? It is your Father in heaven! You might say: ‘No, that is not possible, I cannot believe that. God is not like that, God is love!’

Yet it is the Father who planned the crucifixion of His own Son before the creation of the world. There are many people who cannot understand that Isaiah 53:10 says ‘yet it was the Lord’s will to crush Him and cause Him to suffer.’ Accepting this truth is the first step to our full recovery.

The secret of full recovery is to surrender to God. Sometimes He allows things to happen in your life which start a process of change. Our own selves are still too strong, and we do not listen to God. The crucifixion, the nails and the false witnesses had only one purpose and that was the death. Unless the grain dies, it cannot bear fruit.

It is also important to forgive the person who did something wrong to you. If you do that, you will receive full recovery.


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