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O Lord, You have heard the prayers of those who have no pride. You will give strength to their heart, and You will listen to them. – Psalm 10:17

What a beautiful Psalm for the New Year. When you apply the Word of God in your life, you will be filled with happiness every day.

God knows the heart of the humble man very well. God knows your wishes and listens to you. This is a sure thing!

Wishes from the heart

Before you even express your wish with words, God has already heard it. The psalmist says that God hears the prayer of the humble man and He gives strength to his heart. This means that God does more than only hearing; He listens and gives strength to the heart!

Sometimes you want something, but you cannot easily express it with words. Yet God hears this wish, He hears your thoughts. To Him it is not just about the words from your lips, but more about the desires in your heart.

Prayers can be merely words while the heart is not involved at all. These are empty words to God. The wish from a humble heart, even without the words of your mouth, are pleasing to God, because He looks at your heart.

What is your wish for this New Year? There is One who hears and answers the desires of the heart which has no pride.



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