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I will heal their apostasy and faithlessness; I will love them freely for My anger has turned away from Israel. – Hosea 14:5

The only way God can love us is by loving us unconditionally. He could love angels because they are good, but God could never love us for this reason because we are not good.

A voluntary gift

God’s love flows to everybody while we do not deserve this at all. The word voluntary is used when something is given without expecting anything back. When you give voluntarily you cannot negotiate for anything. It is a voluntary gift or donation. You freely give to the poor and understand that they cannot give anything back. When you give freely you do not expect compensation for what you have given away. The Lord Jesus also says: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

God demonstrated His voluntary love to us by giving His only Son, Jesus Christ, to the world. God gave out of love. He says: ‘I will love you despite your sins, shortcomings and mistakes.’


Man often gives to a person he or she thinks is worthy to receive the gift. The voluntary love of God is unconditionally given to man who is not worthy, who does not deserve it at all. God also loves His enemies. While we were still enemies of God because of our sins, God already loved us and gave His Son for us. Man can only look for God because of this voluntary love. God does not love us because we first sought Him: God’s love is unconditional and was there even before the world was created. God’s grace is a gift and God wants to give you this.

If you are proud and think that you do not need God’s grace, then God’s love cannot reach you. But if you humble yourself and say: ‘Forgive me, Lord, I need Your forgiveness’, God will be waiting with open arms to forgive all your sins.


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