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Then the Lord called Samuel. Samuel answered: Here I am. – 1 Samuel 3:4

Samuel was a good child, a child every parent would wish for. He was the son of a praying mother. She used to be barren and had much sorrow because of this. She knew exactly how to reach God’s heart and move Him to hear and answer her prayer.

A good upbringing

Samuel had a good upbringing. He was devoted to God and to God’s servant Eli. Samuel was privileged to grow up in the service of God. He was there when the daily ceremonies took place and while the priests were sacrificing to God. He loved and enjoyed being in the house of the Lord.

Mother Hannah dedicated little Samuel to God and allowed him to grow up in the house of the Lord. Parents fail if they do not take their children to church because the children ‘do not feel like going.’ If parents easily accept this behavior from the child, they will have to deal with this attitude and the consequences later.

Samuel did not only live in the house of God; he was also allowed to serve there. He prepared the sacrifices, opened and closed the doors. Children can also do a lot of chores in church. Taking your children to the services has to do with their upbringing, this is the same as reading the Bible and praying to God. When you give them such an education, it will not take long before your children hear the voice of God and answer: ‘Yes, Lord, I am listening.’

Listen carefully

I want to ask you: do you carefully listen to God’s Word? There are people who do not come to the house of God to listen and learn. Others come to church, but their hearts are full of criticism. They do not listen with an open heart. If this description matches you, then your ears are blocked, and you do not hear God’s voice anymore. However, God wants to speak to you. He wants to teach you. Ask Him: ‘Teach me, Lord. Tell me if things have to change in my life. Lord, what do you want me to do?’

God will bless you abundantly when you do not only listen to the Word, but also carefully do what the Word says.


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