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When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth? – Luke 18:8

It was a great moment for Israel when they stood on the other side of the Red Sea and watched the water pour back over the Egyptians, their chariots and horses. While they were looking at this spectacle, they must have been praising and worshipping God with their hands up high. There was dancing with joy.

Never doubt again

If they had been asked: ‘Will you ever doubt God’s goodness and omnipotence?’ they would have said: ‘No, never.’ But their great trust only lasted for three days.

In Exodus 15 we read that they grumbled against Moses, and with this against God, because the water was bitter. It is the same in our generation today.

You might have some difficulty with the above and say: ‘still, there are quite a lot of believers.’ May I remind you that of the 600,000 Israelites (only adult men counted) who left Egypt in high spirits, only two – Joshua and Caleb – entered the promised land?

Dear reader, we can be redeemed from the power of the enemy and still never come into the fullness of Jesus Christ. Saved and yet miserable! The truth is that many Christians have been saved and yet they have been wandering their entire lives in the desert. Plagued by depression, fear, insecurity, etc.

But God absolutely does not want His children to perish in the desert of life. The promised land was a good land, a land of abundance. This is how our life should be: a good life full of abundance.

People, who had seen so many miracles from God, perished in the desert because of doubt and unbelief. If we want to be successful in these last times, then our faith in God should be strong. This faith must be founded on the Word of God. The evil one is always looking to bring down our faith. However, let the storms rage. Stand in faith! We are more than conquerors with Jesus.


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