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Fight the good fight of the faith. – 1 Timothy 6:12

The prophet Hosea reminded the people of their father Jacob when he warned them about being spiritual cowards. He told them that they were weak and passive. This enabled the enemy to repeatedly beat them. He reminded them how Jacob fought and conquered. The book Hosea 12:4-5 says: ‘In the womb he (Jacob) grasped his brother’s heel (Esau’s); as a man he struggled with God… and overcame.’

God’s blessing

In Genesis 25 we read that Rebekah gave birth to twins. The strong, hairy Esau came first. Then the delicate Jacob was borne holding Esau’s heel with his hand. When Hosea quoted this many years later, he wanted to tell the people that as a baby Jacob already had a spirit to fight and was hungry for the blessing from God. He was after the birthright and the blessing that came with it. He did not want wealth or any earthly possession. God is also looking for such people today.

Esau had something God hates in man: self-satisfaction. God loved Jacob and he was very blessed! When Jacob returned to his family at God’s command, he had to confront his brother. Years before, Jacob had fled from him, after cheating Esau. Jacob poured out his heart to God (see Genesis 32).

While Jacob was in the midst of his crisis, you would think that God came to comfort him. On the contrary! God came to fight him. Jacob fought there against a Man who said: ‘Let Me go… But Jacob replied: ‘I will not let you go unless you bless Me’… Then the man said: ‘… you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome’ (Genesis 32:26-28).

Yes, dear reader, we need fighters in the Kingdom of God. Believers who have been tested through the storms of life and have overcome the storms. If you want to receive God’s blessing like Jacob, you cannot just sit and wait for it. There is a battle to win and that is the fight of the faith!


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