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Some went out to sea in ships to buy and sell on the great waters. They have seen what the Lord can do and His great works on the sea. For He spoke and raised up a storm that lifted up the waves of the sea. They went up to the heavens and down to the deep. Their strength of heart left them in their danger. They could not walk straight but went from side to side like a drunk man. They did not know what to do. – Psalm 107:23-27

These sailors ended up in a place called trouble. It is a place where sooner or later every Christian will end up. In this place you do not see a way out. You do not have more options. No more escape, no help and no rescue in sight.

Faith is tested

Strangely enough, the place of trouble is a place where God can take you to, because the Bible scripture says: ‘He spoke and raised up a storm.’ There are storms in life that are not from the evil one or because of sin. God sometimes puts you in a place for His purpose to test your faith.

In verses 28-31 of Psalm 107 we read: ‘Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble. And He took them out of all their problems. He stopped the storm, and the waves of the sea became quiet. Then they were glad because the sea became quiet. And He led them to the safe place they wanted. Let them give thanks to the Lord for His loving-kindness and His great works to the children of men!

Trust Him fully

God continues to bring us to the place called trouble, until we learn to fully trust Him no matter what happens. He did that over and again with Israel. He had promised to take care of them during the journey through the desert. Yet they again doubted His goodness and protection and He had to bring them back to this place called trouble.

Are you also at that place? Has God allowed you to be there? He is testing you. He wants to see if you trust Him, because He already has the solution ready to save you again.


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