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We escaped like a bird from a hunter’s trap. The trap is broken, and we are free! – Psalm 124:7

In this Psalm we read about bird hunters. Professional bird hunters spread their nets tied to a bow on the ground. Below the net they put some food. The Bible says that the evil one is the bird hunter who is after us and wants to control every child of God who wants to obey, serve and follow Jesus Christ. The evil one has demons and other evil powers at his disposal to set traps to catch you and me.

Psalm 140:4-5 says: ‘O Lord, keep me from the hands of the sinful… The proud have hidden a trap for me.’ It is unbelievable, but the evil one manages to find Christians who are out to destroy churches. They enjoy taking revenge when someone has done something wrong to them.

Why do these people spend so much of their precious time trapping and destroying their brother or sister? It always has to do with jealousy and selfishness. They cannot accept when someone else receives more honor than they. There are Christians gossiping about other Christians who God uses powerfully to accomplish something. These Christians did not want to pay the price themselves though.

Even David, the man after God’s heart, allowed himself to be tempted. He set a trap for a man he knew very well: his loyal soldier Uriah!

Often there is delicious food below the net for the Christian and he falls into the trap. The secret is to let God deliver us if we are still trapped and cannot free ourselves in our own strength.

Call upon God. He will certainly free you from that trap. The Christian who sets a trap for his fellow brother or sister will eventually fall short, because whoever digs a pit for another, falls himself.

‘No weapon forged against you will prevail’ (Isaiah 54:17).


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