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You are bringing unclean food to My altar. – Malachi 1:7

On October 16, 1555, two pillars of the Church of Christ, Dr. Nicolas Ridley and Mr. Hugh Latimer, were burned in Oxford, England, because of their faith. They only had one goal in their lives: to obey God more than people and to put God’s Word above the teaching of a church. They gave the greatest sacrifice a person could ever give for the Kingdom of God: their life!

They gave everything

Over the centuries – even today – many people have given their lives for the cause of Jesus Christ. They were killed in the most horrible ways. These are courageous people who were completely surrendered to God.

When those two men was burning at the stake, one man said to the other: ‘Mr. Ridley, do not be afraid, on this day we will light a fire in England which I believe will never be extinguished again.’

What confidence and great testimony! What courage! What faith! They have given everything and there was a deep peace in their hearts that only Jesus could give.

Many people are willing to deny themselves to start something new. Many have the courage to do something, while it is beyond their means. But where are the people who want to deny themselves for Jesus, who dare to do something for Him, who are not afraid and have courage?

We often ask for a financial offer for missionary work. People are shocked because they think they will not have enough for themselves if they give. Some people align the Lord God with a street musician: when you give him something, you will not even notice this in your wallet. What a wrong thought. What a wrong attitude.

We have no time to lose. The saving gospel of Jesus Christ is to be preached everywhere. Man must know that salvation is only in His name.

Be a faith partner and support missionary work with your gifts and prayers. And above all: love Jesus!


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