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You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. – Genesis 50:20

We often read in the Bible that God works ahead of a situation that is yet to come. Twenty years before a major famine, God put a plan into effect and sent young Joseph to Egypt. For thirteen years, Joseph was taught, tested and isolated by God to carry out His plan.

God prepared him for a time of death and destruction, of chaos and hunger. Joseph did not know about this. However, God had chosen him to save many lives at that time, including those of his own family.

Just as God isolated Joseph for a special task, so is God segregating a group of Christians today. This group is – as in the life of Joseph – also in a time of great testing and struggle, so that they will increasingly get to know the voice of the Good Shepherd.

A special purpose

If you belong to this group, then like Joseph did not understand, you might also not understand why you have to go through struggles and difficulties. You might wonder why God allows these difficulties in your life. God has already seen that we have set our hearts to follow Jesus Christ in everything. So, God has a special purpose for everything we go through, like He had with Joseph.

The reason why Joseph became a great servant of God was that he passed all the trials. He did not allow hatred, bitterness or a feeling of revenge in his heart because of what his brothers had done to him, but he continued to humbly trust his God.

If we want to belong to this group in these last days, we will have to go through all the tests of our lives like Joseph did.


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