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“Experience the miracle-working power of God through the Word of God, brought by international preachers.”

From Ascension Day until Pentecost, every day we had a revival service via livestream.
The central theme of the conference was: miracles today for you.

We believe that God has done something special for everyone that watched the conference. Every day we had great worship and a special prayer theme.

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12 mind-blowing testimonies during the Pentecost Conference:

David Maasbach | The Hague, the Netherlands

When David succeeded his father, Johan Maasbach, God led him to a heavy battle. “When I surrendered to God completely and set my heart to search God for the coming things, a battle broke loose in my mind. This battle was overwhelming, intense, big and fierce.”

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John T.L. Maasbach | The Hague, the Netherlands

“Mom prayed in tongues while giving birth to me and dad proclaimed: “Another preacher!” My life is a sequence of God’s grace and miracles. It is great to see how close God is, how involved He is in your life and how He fulfills His plan through you.”

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Asunta Juma | Nairobi, Kenya

Asunta Juma gave her life to Jesus as a teenager and witnessed God’s great miracles. She encountered a lot of opposition from her family. “My father tried to silence my faith. He did not want me to pray, fast and testify. Hear how God helped me through this.”

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David Juma | Nairobi, Kenya

David Juma grew up in a family with 11 children in Kenya, Africa. “I have seen the deaf hear, growths and tumors being healed, paralysis being healed and many more divine encounters with the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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Clay Baggett | Gallatin, USA

“We all long for miracles, but there comes a time that we have to stand on our OWN faith to see miracles unfold. I want to help you conquer the trap of fear and doubt to believe that miracles are for this moment!”

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Antoon Coppens | Ypres, Belgium

Antoon Coppens grew up as an orphan boy. “The most awful time of my life! Fear, uncertainty and a feeling of rejection marked my life. This feeling grew even stronger when I, at the age of 13, fell victim to incest.” Hear how God delivered him from this. 

Eugene Rard | Saint-Nicolas-de-Port, France

Eugene will talk about speaking in tongues and the gifts of miracles. “I was saved during a gift of tongues, saw the film of my life during that moment. Then the interpretation was given, which exposed my life of the last few days precisely.”

Liaquat Qaiser | Lahore, Pakistan

Liaquat Qaiser is pastor and preacher of the gospel in Pakistan. “The greatest miracle of my life was in 1968, when Jesus found me in a situation where I was lost, hopeless, without meaning and peace. But He saved me, washed away all my sins, and gave me a new heavenly life, meaning and peace.”

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Abednego Mwarandu | Nairobi, Kenya

Abednego will speak about the miracle-working God. “I will share two testimonies what God did for two members of the congregation I pastor. A woman without uterus got a baby and a dead child came back to life.” 

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Dennis Lindsay | Dallas, Texas

“God is building His Church in these exciting times. God is able to do miracles, despite what the enemy is doing. I am going to share miracles with you to encourage you.”

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Ginger Lindsay | Dallas, Texas

“Do you ever wonder why other people receive their miracle long before you do? Do you ever wonder: is it my fault that I am having this disease? Do you ever wonder: why me, God? Watch our livestream, for we have some answers for you.”

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Missy Lindsay | Dallas, Texas

Missy Lindsay had a deadly hit-and-run accident. “Because of a catastrophic accident, as a young girl I had an encounter with death. The battle was not against flesh and blood, but it was for my calling.”

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