Listen to Maasbach Radio everywhere!


Go mobile and listen to uplifting music everywhere you want. With the Maasbach Radio app you don’t have to miss a second. On your way to work, in traffic, or just not behind a computer, The Blessing Family Music Station will bring you uplifting music, not heavy, not light, just right!

Maasbach Radio is a non-profit, worldwide Christian radio station and part of the Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation. The goal of the Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time, using all means and media at our disposal.

The message of the Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation has remained the same as from the beginning. God has blessed and enlarged the work to become a worldwide ministry. It is their desire to stay obedient to the great commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19 and to bring in the enormous harvest of souls, to restore them, train them in discipleship and teach them to be soul winners for God’s Kingdom as well.

Maasbach Radio will reach millions of people worldwide and will carry out God’s love, mercy and salvation. Bring healing for spirit, soul and body. Will bring renewal by the power of God’s Holy Spirit.