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Nathan (38) was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare type of lymph node cancer. This is his story.

“There are mountain tops and valleys in life. My valley started in April 2010, when I was diagnosed with lymph node cancer after some research. At that time I was already a Christian. God had given me the faith to go through this valley. After sharing the bad news with my family, I went straight to the bakery. I came home with pastries to celebrate that God was going to heal me. After spending a lot of time on my knees in prayer and earnestly seeking God, I was assured that He was going to heal me. But first I had to go through all treatments. I received the promise that I would endure them and come out stronger.


“After the diagnosis, I came home with pastries to celebrate that God was going to heal me.”


After research, it turned out that I had a very aggressive and rare type of lymph node cancer. I would need intensive treatment, causing me to lose my fertility, among other things. The next 7 months often felt like hell for me. Eventually I underwent surgery, stem cell transplant, 32 chemo treatments, and 3 quarantine periods of over 3 weeks. During this difficult time, I was able to experience God’s miracles constantly. Throughout everything, He showed Himself to me and carried me where necessary. God uses everything and everyone He wants for our situations. Similarly, He used the doctors and nurses to heal me. When we sometimes run out of patience, we may know that God is always close to us. And His timing is perfect!

Despite the intensive treatments and the harmful effects of all chemo treatments on my organs, I am completely healed, as God has promised! This period has even made me stronger. After years of waiting, I recently received the message that my fertility has recovered. God is good. Eventually He gave me back so much more than the devil took from me. God has blessed me wonderfully. Last year, after everything I have been through, I got married to the woman of my dreams.”

Do you need prayer? Let us pray for you and let us together expect a miracle from God!

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