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The inspiring life of two people that have proven many times in their generation that God is alive and that He loves all people. 


“Our goal is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the  greatest number of people in the shortest possible time, using all means and media at our disposal.”


How it started
Johan Maasbach grew up being number 13 in a family of 14 children. When he was 17 years old, he became a cook’s help at sea. During his years on board he got to know God more and more. He knew that God wanted him to become a preacher of the gospel. In his spare time, he traveled through the Netherlands with a “gospel tent.” Also Wilhelmina Klumper, born in a family of 4 children, wanted to tell people about Jesus. After studying at a Bible school in Switzerland for 2 years, she helped spreading the gospel in the north of the Netherlands.

Johan and Wilhelmina first met at a tent meeting in Stadskanaal (town in the Netherlands). In 1952, Johan said goodbye to the work at sea, they got married and started to work full-time in the gospel. They bought a small church building in Gouda, so they could hold “Full Gospel” meetings. This is how the Johan Maasbach World Mission was born. Back then it was called: Full Gospel Mission.

Breakthrough in the Full Gospel
In 1958, the well-known “Holland Wonder” campaign took place with the American evangelist T.L. Osborn. Johan Maasbach was his interpreter. At the Malieveld in The Hague, Holland, tens of thousands of people gathered every evening. Countless miracles took place. Since that campaign, more and more Pentecostal churches have been born in Holland. Johan Maasbach held church meetings all throughout the country and also conducted gospel campaigns abroad.

Purchase of Capitol and the mission office
The ministry expended more and more. In 1966, Johan Maasbach bought the former cinema “Capitol”. It would now become “Capitol Gospel Center.” In 1968, also the building across the street was bought. It now holds the headquarters of the Johan Maasbach World Mission.

The same vision and goal
Under the leadership of David and Regina Maasbach, who took over from Johan and Wilhelmina Maasbach in 1993, the Johan Maasbach World Mission has grown, having many churches in Holland and all over the world. The vision and the goal have remained the same since the foundation in 1952.


“God joined us together to fulfill a special task.”


In the early sixties, Johan Maasbach already printed 65 tons of paper into gospel material. In this photo, they ask a blessing over the mailbags, ready for shipment.

The Capitol Gospel Center and the headquarters of the Johan Maasbach World Mission, purchased in 1966 and 1968.

The Maasbach family in 1971. The testimony of the family is that, by the grace of God, all children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren love and serve the Lord.


Autobiography Johan Maasbach
Be inspired by the amazing lifestory of Johan Maasbach, founder of Johan Maasbach World Mission.

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