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The MAP BAND (Make a Point Band), led by Micha Maasbach, is the Youth Band of the Johan Maasbach World Mission. They travel around the world to share the gospel through their own sound and songs.

The summer camp in Manado with 10,000 teenagers cannot be put into words. So many young people set ablaze for Jesus filled our hearts with hope for a new generation. In JAKARTA, we had our service close to the Senayan Stadium where Johan Maasbach had held his large campaign. We met a man who had attended that campaign when he was 13 years old and he had seen many miracles of healing.

In MEDAN we had a wonderful youth conference. MAP was also able to talk to the youth personally during the seminars and inspire and encourage them. On BALI we went to 2 churches. On both places there were many young people. MAP is grateful that, on behalf of JMWM, they can show young people all over the world that a life with God is not boring and that God has a plan for each and everyone.


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