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Everyone sees it: it is not going well in the world today. From all sides, people are trying to find the answer for today’s problems. Do you realize that you are the key to change the world?


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7


A dark power
Today’s problems are so big, that only “a higher power” can solve them. People try many things to escape from reality nowadays. Many step into the world of the paranormal or occult. Others flee into all kinds of pleasure. There is a dark power of the evil one working in Europe and the world. This power is determined to blind the people, keep them captive and destroy them.

You are God’s answer!
But there is an answer for those in need. Mankind and dark powers cannot stop God’s plans. God raises up a new generation today that proclaims His Word to a world in need. Did you know that prayer can make you a hero? Maybe you do not see yourself as a hero and you have no ambition to be one. But how does God see you? God sees you as one who will achieve great victories. These victories will honor God and set people free. You are God’s answer to the problems of today. God is looking for you!

It starts with prayer
Prayer is the great power that God has given to mankind. Prayer prayed in faith. As a child of God, through Jesus, you can come to Him to talk to Him. You can bring all problems and lay them down at God’s feet. Some think that prayer equals long and boring moments of silence. But real communication with God is different! He wants you to become a person of real prayer, so He can do miracles in the world today.

The Bible teaches us that before God does a miracle, someone is usually already seeking Him in prayer. Before He saves a whole nation from destruction, they need to repent and seek Him. Think about the Israelites, who were living as slaves in Egypt. When God sent Moses as deliverer, He said: “I have heard their cries.” By the prayer of Abraham, Lot was delivered out of Sodom. After praying, Jonah was spit out by the fish on the beach. After the prayer of Elijah, fire fell down from heaven. After the prayer of Jesus, Lazarus rose from the dead. And we read many more examples in the Bible about the power of prayer. This is what the Bible says about prayer:


“Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” – Mark 11:24

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”
– James 5:16


How you can be a world changer
Besides prayer in your inner room, we also need to bring God’s Word outside. Jesus overcame the evil one by speaking His Word. So we need to pray and share the good news.

We are world changers by the example of Jesus in our own lives. Our life has experienced a change by spending a lot of time with God. We are go-getters and fighters in prayer and evangelism. We do not stop until the need has been met. Until we have received the breakthrough we are praying, believing and fighting for. We are God’s ambassadors. Everyone needs to hear the message of the gospel. Kings and beggars, wise and uneducated people, rich and poor, all nations and tongues.

God is seeking people today that set the power of God free through prayer. People that are not afraid to spread the good news of Jesus. God is looking for you! You are the key to change the world! Pray this prayer with me.

Become a partner in prayer
There is a wonderful power in prayer. Prayer changes the most impossible situations. The Global Prayer Network (GPN) is a worldwide network of prayer with hundreds of prayer partners. You can also become a partner in prayer. Enroll at Let us pray, expect miracles from God and, together with God, change the world.








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