Sunday, May 9 NL | BR
  • Listen to a powerful prayer by Bishop Dr. LaDonna Osborn:

Bishop Dr. LaDonna Osborn is President and CEO of Osborn Ministries International, the world missionary organization founded by her parents in 1949. We are honored to have dr. LaDonna minister to us at Maasbach Radio!

Seeing the miracles radically changed my family. We began going to the nations of the world with the simple message that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Here we go as a family of four living with the people, washing our clothes in the river, shopping at the local market, eating the food that’s there. My faith world became very simple: focused in Jesus. I grew up knowing there was a God who loved all kinds of people. I understood that the most important thing in life is making the decision for Jesus. I knew that God could do anything. I saw miracles every day. Miracles were the norm! That shaped my faith.

Dr. LaDonna talks about how this ‘ministry lifestyle’ shaped her faith and her character:

I did feel odd. But you know when you belong to Christ you really are different. I grew up in a context it was okay to be different. If you don’t know God, your life could be really desperate, but to know Him is wonderful so it’s okay to be different. Without Him is real darkness and pain and disease and sadness. With Him is joy and purpose and health and such peace.

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