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Need a faith boost right now? Listen to a powerful faith injection by Apostle Abednego Mwarandu by clicking on the play button below!

  • Faith Injection by Apostle Abednego Mwarandu

Apostle Abednego Mwarandu from Nairobi, Kenya tells us how the teaching of evangelist Johan Maasbach had a great impact on the personal life and ministry of his father: Bishop Morris.

“From the teachings of Johan Maasbach, my father’s personal life and ministry was so transformed. A man that introduced him to the personality of the Holy Spirit.It aligned his life in the right direction. He could be one of those teachers who teach funny doctrines today, but because of the teachings of Johan Maasbach, his life was aligned and I give God the glory for that”.

Listen to Apostle Abednego by clicking on the play button below:

  • Apostle Abednego at MRADIO

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