Thursday, September 23 NL | BR

Television is one of the greatest media resources to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In his time Evangelist Johan Maasbach already saw television as thé tool to reach the masses. Since the beginning of the nineties, David Maasbach broadcasted on many local channels, such as: Lokatel, TV West, RNN7, Family7, ATV Suriname and Tele Curacao. In 2008 there was a great national breaktrough: every Sunday morning at 9 am ‘The man with the message’ was broadcasted on one of the largest commercial television channels of the Netherlands: SBS6. After 9 years of broadcasting on this channel, since 2017 David Maasbach broadcasts every workday on Family7.

‘David Maasbach is the first Dutch preacher who obtained weekly airtime on one of the best-known national commercial television channels of the Netherlands.’

Our YouTube channel Maasbach TV currently has 1,373 subscribers. Here you can find all kinds of videos, such as messages of David Maasbach, news items, highlights of events and mission trips etc. We have several channels: MAP Band, Maasbach Worship and Maasbach Musicals. Subscribe today to stay updated!


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