Sunday, October 17 NL | BR

Promise Keeper | Maasbach Worship


Verse 1:
You’re the God of Moses
You will keep me safe
Living God, You’ve spoken
I am not afraid

Verse 2:
You’re the Promise Keeper
You are the Word of Life
I’m no slave, no weakling
My God is on my side

Chorus 1:
I am walking straight out of Egypt
Straight into freedom
Chains are falling in this place
Hope is calling out my name
There is healing here today

Chorus 2:
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Chains are falling in this place

Bridge 1:
There is no sickness You can’t heal
There is no heart that’s left unseen
There is no battle you don’t overcome
There is no Egypt left for me

Bridge 2:
When You step in the room, I win
And when You speak all voices leave
I’ll raise my hands and You will split the sea
There is no Egypt left, I’m free

Words and music by Jesselyn Maasbach© 2020 Johan Maasbach World Mission


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