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Pentecost Conference

Thursday May 13 until Monday May 24

"Experience the miracle-working power of God through the Word of God, brought by international preachers."

From Ascension Day until Pentecost we have 12 days of Pentecost Conference with a revival service every day via livestream. Watch with your whole family and experience the miracle-working power of God. All evening services start at 7:30 PM and can only be attended via livestream. On Thursday May 13 (Ascension Day), Sunday 16 May, Sunday May 23 (Pentecost Sunday) & Monday May 24 (Pentecost Monday) we start at 10:30 AM. These morning services can also be attended in our local Blessing Churches.

Every day music, testimonies & prayer

We believe that God will do something special every day for everyone who watches the conference. With great worship and a special prayer theme every day. Experience the miracle-working power of God through the Word of God spoken by international preachers.



Ascension Day - 10:30 AM  |  Speaker: John T.L. Maasbach (Dutch)
Friday May 14 - 7:30 PM  |  Speaker: Stanley Moodley (English
Saturday May 15 - 7:30 PM  |  Speaker: Melanie Roberts (English)
Sunday May 16 - 10:30 AM  |  Speaker: David Maasbach (Dutch)
Monday May 17 - 7:30 PM  |  Speaker: Xannelou Mendeszoon (Dutch)
Tuesday May 18 - 7:30 PM  | Speaker: Peter de Leau (Dutch)
Wednesday May 19 - 7:30 PM  |  Speaker: Leo Schreurs (Dutch)
Thursday May 20 - 7:30 PM  |  Speaker: Kuku Didier (English)
Friday May 21 - 7:30 PM  |  Speaker: LaDonna Osborn (English)
Saturday May 22 - 7:30 PM  |  Speaker: Jerry Mendeszoon (Dutch)
Pentecost Sunday - 10:30 AM  | Speaker: John T.L. Maasbach (Dutch)
Pentecost Monday - 10:30 AM  | Speaker: David Maasbach (Dutch)

* All services are broadcasted in English, unless indicated otherwise.
* There are Dutch subtitles available during all services.

Children’s Program

Watch online with every Wednesday and Sunday a new video for children:


During the Pentecost Conference we will have special time of prayer. Do you have a need? Together we can seek God and receive from Him.

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