Who we are

Our Story
We are ‘The MAP Band’ (Make a POiNT! Band), a group of young people excited to play music and sing, with the purpose to glorify God and tell others about Jesus. We like to sing, dance, jump and shine His light in this world.

We want to ‘Make a Point’ to everyone that no matter who you are, or where you come from, Jesus is God’s gift to you and He is your Savior. Let us all answer God’s call to be His disciple. We are all called to tell of His love and to show it in the way we live. You do not need to travel around the world to do this; simply start by telling your family and friends across the street.

The MAP Band is based in The Hague, The Netherlands, where every band member serves in one of our The Blessing Churches.

Our Ministry
The MAP Band is a devision of POiNT! Where Youth Meet, the youth ministry of the Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation. The main goal of POiNT! is to reach young people. We want to help them to have an encounter with God and guide them to give their hearts to Jesus. For more info go to