David Maasbach, together with his wife Regina, leads the worldwide mission work since 1993. He is Pastor of The Blessing Church in The Hague. In this city also the world headquarters of the JMWM is located. Through his preachings, TV broadcasts and books he has encouraged countless people in the Netherlands and worldwide.


David & Regina Maasbach

At a young age, David Maasbach left graphic school early to work full-time in the printing house of the Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation in The Hague. At the same time, he served in the church where his father was pastor: the Capitol Gospel Center in The Hague.

In 1988 David married Regina van de Groep. They had three children: Jesselyn, Alissa and John-Henry. In 1993 Evangelist Johan Maasbach consecrated his son David and daughter-in-law Regina to take over and continue the leadership of the entire missionary work.


David is author of numerous books, including the bestseller Every Day with God. His powerful ministry in preaching, TV broadcasting, books, and gospel literature has encouraged and changed many people.

He was the first Dutch preacher to receive weekly broadcasting time on one of the Netherlands’ best-known national commercial television channels. He is passionately reaching countless people today with his TV programs and in all sorts of other modern ways.

Meanwhile, the ministry of the Johan Maasbach World Mission, by God’s grace, has grown into a worldwide stronghold to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

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